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Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Join Sara in her heroic attempt to get healthy by 40 though ridiculous exercise classes to even more ridiculous diets. From crawling up the escarpment stairs to the "all you can eat" vegetable soup diet, Sara shares hilarious stories on trying to lose a few pounds while gaining joy. This 30-minute story telling adventure is created for anyone who wants to quit judging their appearance and actually believe that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Not Enough

"I'm a mom failure; my kids haven't said anything cute enough to post today." Right click with Sara as she scrolls through the carefully curated lives of her Facebook friends, reluctantly"liking" the humble-brags of moms who get up at 5 am to workout - grudgingly admiring and cursing them at the same time - all the while assimilating new standards about how her home should be decorated, how her turkey should be cooked, how her children should behave... and, really, who she should be.

On the roof

"On the Roof" is the story of a mother/daughter relationship during the mother's battle with cancer. From free tattoos for brain surgery patients to late-night games of cribbage, Sara takes audiences on an unforgettable ride as she recounts her mother's final journey of life. This show is available in a 1-hour version and a 30-minute version, which is lighter in tone.

banter and bluegrass

Born and raised in Alabama, Sara was in for a huge shock when she moved to the tundra that is Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Learning to drive the RIGHT way down one-way streets as well as getting her car out of snow banks by "rocking it"(not her body but the car), join Sara as she talks about the differences between her two homes as well as the many, many similarities.

Sara Weber graduated from a small Liberal Arts College with a B.A. in Theater and English, studying under Professor Raymond Louter. Her first one-woman show about her mother’s battle with cancer, On the Roof, was performed all over Canada and the United States in festivals, cancer society conferences, schools, bereavement conferences, and various theaters.  She has since written and produced two full-length plays, as well as three other one-woman shows. Sara has also performed in several short films, including the 3rd place winner at the Hamilton 24 hour film festival, Change Required.    


Banter and bluegrass

"Weber's assured, heartfelt delivery keeps you attentive...straightforward storytelling and a shining heart."

— Gord McLaughlan, Eye Weekly


Our Coffee Break had Sara in to perform her show "Not Enough". I love the balance she struck between humour and pain, Godliness and messiness. It was authentic and relate-able.

— Marcia Mantel, Calvary CRC Flamborough

"A comedy about cancer? Don't run for the hills, because writer/performer Sara Weber's account of her mother's battle with the disease is both touching and genuinely funny. There's a refreshing openness and honesty about Weber's work, which is surprisingly light in tone..."

— John Kaplan, Now Magazine


"We had the privilege of having Sara perform 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' for a large group of friends. From the moment she spoke, Sara had us mesmerized with tales of diets, exercise, and learning to love your body.

The show sparked intimate and in-depth conversation among all of us (men included).

I would highly recommend you see this show."

— Winona Siebenga, Host

"Sara Weber's show 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' is the perfect contrast between poignant and laugh out loud humour. It's also a wonderful exploration into why we beat ourselves up over our body type instead of rejoicing in health and strength."

— Arlene Bennink, Women's Ministry Leader

Ancaster Christian Reformed Church



The House that Dad Built

Essay - The Preservation Foundation, Inc.

A Hard "C"

Essay - "I Just Want to Hang Out With You"

Edited by Jenn Mann

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